Whole30 & Paleo Thrive Market Favories

 "I hate saving money, don't you?!" SAID NO ONE EVERY. Putting health first seems to come with a hefty price tag in America - a fast food burger on the $1 menu... side salad with no dressing $400.
Okay, I know this is an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. It can cost almost double the price to sugar free pasta sauce or free range eggs. Finding Thrive Market was a game changer for our budget. I have yet to find anything purchased from Thrive Market, cheaper on amazon or at whole foods.

Yes Thrive is a membership based company like amazon prime or costco (around $60 a year), but we have saved well over 10x our membership cost buying staple items for our home. Give Thrive Market a try! Use this link to get an extra 25% OFF your first order + a 30 day free trial membership when you sign up at Thrive Market! (Valid on orders $49+, max $20 discount). If you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me about my experience. I would never link to anything I wouldn't use in my own home.

Anything not Whole30 is noted next to the item, the rest are Paleo.

CHOMPS & EPIC bars are my favorite whole30 on the go snack. They are great for travel or just running errands. They aren't sweet so I am not tempted to overeat them. The crackers

Ahhh coffee - the most important meal of the day (joking- unless you're into intermittent fasting then you know what I mean). My morning coffee is sort of a ritual for me. It's a few moments to myself before anyone else is awake, before I log on to start answering emails for my corporate IT job. Nutpods & collagen have become part of my coffee ritual. The combination adds a creamy texture, that froths up perfectly! My hair, skin, nails, and joints seem to be loving the addition of collagen too!
The MVP here is the avocado oil cooking spray. It makes coating veggies for roasting a breeze. No more "drizzling" that turns into wayyy too much and then having to get your fingers all greasy to coat things evenly. The spaghetti sauces are Whole30, delish, and featured in my recent zoodles post - check it out here!

Personally I try not to use too many condiments as I like to really enjoy the natural flavors of the dishes that I make. However, sometimes you just need some dang ketchup! amiright?! 
Also that Thai Salsa is really yummy featured in my Spicy Creamy Sweet Potato Bowl along with the Primal Kitchen Mayo.

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