Paleo Matcha Pancakes with Lemon Raspberry Compote

 I have been in the habit of having a cup of matcha before my coffee lately. It seems to help with my anxiety when I have too much caffine. Matcha contains an amino acid (L-theanine) binds to the caffeine and slows its absorption into the bloodstream. I was sitting thinking about what breakfast to make our current house guest on a Sunday morning and the idea struck me as I was gazing into my cup of matcha!
Not only would it make the pancakes pretty, contain the anxiety busting amino acids, it would also be pack a punch of antioxidants... and I knew a tart sweet raspberry or blue berry compote with just a splash of lemon would be just the thing to set off this green tea fueled breakfast... so now you know a little more about me! I am anxiety prone, I love the science behind what we consume, and I get ideas while looking into coffee cups!

Berry compote is an easy alternative to maple syrup. While๐Ÿ maple syrup is technically still paleo, but it still gives me a sugar crash. This fiber in the berries help slow the blood sugar dump and crash.

Note ๐Ÿ“ these pancakes ๐Ÿฅž are not whole30 but a great clean food freedom option!

  • Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix
  • Water
  • Thrive Market Brand Ceremonial Matcha Powder
  • Raspberries
  • lemon juice
Matcha Pancake Steps:
  1. follow package instructions for pancakes
  2. add 1.5 tsp of Matcha per 'batch' of mix
  3. use more water if batter needs to be thinned out
Berry Compote Steps:
  1. Add raspberries and a small squeeze of lemon to sauce pan over medium low heat.
  2. Smash and stir fresh berries until the desired consistency is reached.

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