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Brunch Macro Bowl Whole30 and Paleo

This kind of meal is so easy, fun and can use whatever you have on hand! The idea behind a macro bowl is that you can adjust ingredients to fit the macros you are either tracking or intuitively know you may need more or less of that day! For example, I had a hard workout the day before and a hard workout coming up, so I added sweet potatoes to restore muscle glycogen and extra protein to help with muscle recovery!

If you follow a keto diet you could easily swap out the sweet potatoes for a non starchy veggie, double the avocado, etc.

For my vegetarians, clearly you could leave out the sausage and double up on your eggs and avocados... the world is really your oyster when it comes to this type of recipe!

1/4 red onion (diced - reserve some for garnish if you like)1/2 medium sweet potato (diced)1/2 package shredded brussels sprouts1 compliant sausage (sliced)1 egg1/2 teeny tiny avocado green onion (garnish)everything but the bagel seasoning (garnish) Steps: Spray pan with av…

Paleo Matcha Pancakes with Lemon Raspberry Compote

I have been in the habit of having a cup of matcha before my coffee lately. It seems to help with my anxiety when I have too much caffine. Matcha contains an amino acid (L-theanine) binds to the caffeine and slows its absorption into the bloodstream. I was sitting thinking about what breakfast to make our current house guest on a Sunday morning and the idea struck me as I was gazing into my cup of matcha!
Not only would it make the pancakes pretty, contain the anxiety busting amino acids, it would also be pack a punch of antioxidants... and I knew a tart sweet raspberry or blue berry compote with just a splash of lemon would be just the thing to set off this green tea fueled breakfast... so now you know a little more about me! I am anxiety prone, I love the science behind what we consume, and I get ideas while looking into coffee cups!

Berry compote is an easy alternative to maple syrup. While🍁 maple syrup is technically still paleo, but it still gives me a sugar crash. This fiber …

Butternut Squash Zig Zag Chili Whole30 & Paleo

All of the ingredients for this simple, fun recipe are from Trader Joe’s! This chili comes together super quick and makes a lot of leftovers. It’s another variation on my “Everything but the Kitchen Sink Chili” recipe featured on my instagram! Basically I add whatever veggies I have that hold up well in a chili or stew that are about to go bad to the dish. So feel free to add ingredients you have that need to be used up!

Growing up we ate chili over rice. These days I eat it over cauliflower rice, over a baked sweet potato or by itself and love to top it with avocado slices. It's totally up to you! Get creative and customize to your liking! 

1 can diced chili style tomatoes (@traderjoes fire roasted with green chili’s is perfect)1 can tomatoes sauce1lb ground turkey (ground beef or chicken work too)1 onion (diced)1 package of butternut squash zig zags1 Tbsp chili powder1 tsp salt1 tsp pepperCauliflower Rice (fresh or frozen)Add (or don’t) chicken or veggie broth to get …

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict Whole30 & Paleo

Eggs Benedict is and pretty much always has been my favorite thing for brunch. At restaurants I order it over greens or veggies (instead of english muffins) and try not think about what may or may not be in the sauce. Making it at home usually meant the same but with a low quality sauce packet because I cant be bothered to fuss with the clean versions that use a blender.... but I have finally nailed a clean “hollandaise"  like sauce without the fuss and mess of a blender!!!

I’m so happy I could cry. It’s so simple and tastes sooo close to a hollandaise or béarnaise it’s hard to believe.

Sweet potato “English muffins” are at the base of this, layered with tomato, smoked salmon, red onion, poached eggs, and topped with my creamy “hollandaise”, green onions and capers!

Ingredients for ~3 people: 1-2 Sweet potatoes 6 Eggs 1 package compliant Smoked Salmon (check for sugar)1-2 Tomatoes Green onion (thinly sliced)1/4 Red onion (thinly sliced)Capers  4 Tbsp primal kitchen avocado oil ma…

Sweet Potato Toast Whole30 & Paleo

Sweet Potato “Toast” is my new favorite quick fix for the "I don't know what I am in the mood for".

Sweet potato toast is SO easy and super fun to customize, for any meal of the day! Can't decide what you want, make a few different kinds!

Both of the options shown here are Paleo & whole30 compliant, but you could customize yours any way you like!

Paleo Hibiscus Pancakes with a Fresh Berry Compote

🌺Paleo Hibiscus Pancakes🥞 w/ a fresh berry compote 🍓
My boyfriends mom is in town & asked for pancakes! Lucky for her we had this Birchbenders paleo pancake mix we found Costco!!!
This clean treat recipe is approved by the sweetest mama from the south (and she knows good cookin)!

The ingredients in this paleo pancake mix are SO CLEAN! No added sugar, it’s sweetened with monk fruit (similar to stevia)!
 🌺 Iya Foods Hibiscus Powder adds a lovely subtle tropical flavor, as well as added antioxidants 🙌
Berry compote is an easy alternative to maple syrup. While🍁 maple syrup is technically still paleo, but it still gives me a sugar crash. This fiber in the berries help slow the blood sugar dump and crash.

Note 📝 these pancakes 🥞 are not whole30 but a great clean food freedom option!
Ingredients: Birch Benders Paleo Pancake MixWaterIya Foods 100% Hibiscus PowderFresh Berries of your choiceStrawberriesBlueberries🌺Hibiscus Pancake Steps: follow package instructions for pancakesadd 1 …

Chipotle Lime Taco Bowl Whole30 & Paleo

If you don’t like tacos 🌮 I don’t trust you! Haha this meal is so easy to whip up in a jiffy & make extras for meal prep! 

This is an easy dish to make, and to make look fancy! Throw this together in no order for a fast lunch or arrange ingredients in rows for an impressive presentation that no one will suspect how quick it was to throw together! 

I used the marinade from my 1 Pan Fajita Veggies & Marinated Chicken recipe to season the ground turkey... this would be just as delicious using the chicken and veggies from that recipe too!

Fajita marinade (see previous post or blog for directions) 1lb Ground Turkey Cauliflower rice (fresh or frozen work) 1 Red onion (1/2 sliced, 1/2 diced) 1/2 White onion (diced) 3 colored bell peppers (sliced) Cilantro Garlic Lime juice Toppings:
Salsa Cilantro Green onions Diced red onion (diced) Cherry tomatoes (halved) Shredded lettuce Sliced black olives Guac (make it or buy it) Steps:
Make up fajita marinade & add to ground t…