Whole30 & Paleo Eggs in a Nest

This easy nest recipe is fun for breakfast, brunch or anytime of the day. My favorite part of this recipe is how you can customize it to meet your caloric needs for the day! If you track macros you can adjust the sausage, avocado and spirals as needed. If you need a lower carb option, opt for the butternut squash spirals rather than the sweet potato ect.
You can change the flavor profile to suite your taste as well! Try adding a side of smoked salmon to replace the sausage, or sauerkraut or kimchee in place of the marinated onions!
  1. Make your No Crumbs Left Marinated Red Onions ahead of time.
  2. Dice sausage & cook in pan over medium heat. Set aside.
  3. In the same pan spray pan with olive oil and warm over medium heat (enough to coat the bottom but not enough to splatter when you add the spirals)
  4. Arrange two piles of spiralized veggie ‘nests’ in your pan (be sure to make holes in the middle for your eggs!)
  5. Let the veggie nests crisp up for about 2 min then flip
  6. After ~1 min on the other side add the eggs to your nest and cover pan w/ lid. (runny yolks take ~4 min)
  7. While eggs are cooking, layer arugula on plate
  8. Next carefully remove eggs in a nest from pan with a large flat spatula or fish spatula and set to one side of your arugula base.
  9. Artfully arrange the remaining ingredients - sausage, avocado, and No Crumbs Left Marinated Red Onions
  10. Sprinkle everything but the bagel salt & enjoy!
  11. Take a picture for instagram & be sure to use the hashtag #thewholemermaid and tag us @thewholemermaid
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